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Keep the Change, Friend

LaundryWhen I was on the street, I used to go to a laundromat up by the Pike Place Market. I was sitting there one day when this big guy comes in, chose a machine, and put his quarters in the slots. As the water was filling the washer, he took off his shirt, then his undershirt, then his pants. He then stood there, naked, with a big mooner, not far from my view. He had discovered a way to wash his hair and the rest of himself. After he was done with his bath, he sat down next to me and asked for the sports page. Maybe he hadn’t heard about Urban Rest Stop, where he could have saved his money and gotten a truly refreshing and private shower. Next time I see someone taking a bath in a laundromat, I’ll tell him to keep the change and go to one of the free shower/laundry spots nearby.



One thought on “Keep the Change, Friend

  1. Nice story Steve….keep up the good work

    Posted by John Brand | January 13, 2014, 2:37 pm

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